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Etsy's Same-Day Delivery Service Will Deliver Adorkable Gifts in Under 24 Hours

Light and Ladder, one of the local brands available on Etsy ASAP
Light and Ladder, one of the local brands available on Etsy ASAP
Light and Ladder

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All those looking to Etsy-fy their apartments in time for the Etsy-est time of year just got an early holiday present. The Brooklyn-based brand just announced that it's launching Etsy ASAP, a new service that promises to deliver your order on either the same or next day.

Through a partnership with Postmates (who in the past have joined with brands like BirchboxThirdLove, and Starbucks), the program lets shoppers choose from more than 5,000 products in its library. Currently available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens (hurrah for outer borough-ers!), the fee's a flat $20, and you'll even be able to track your courier's progress.

Predictably, the program includes cute and locally produced jewelry, accessories, clothing, home goods, wedding presents, art, and more, and is currently slated to run through the holiday season, but you can jump the gun and start shopping here.