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American Apparel Shutters Memorable Lower East Side Store

Say farewell to American Apparel's out-there window displays.
Say farewell to American Apparel's out-there window displays.
Stan Honda/Getty Images

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American Apparel is being selective about which retail locations will survive during bankruptcy proceedings, and it looks like one of its most-frequented Manhattan stores didn't make the cut. After 73rd Street, shuttered last month, Bowery Boogie is reporting that 183 East Houston Street is the next one to go; a tipster adds that signage under the "Sorry, We're Closed" notice directs potential customers to stores in the NYU and Soho areas.

This was one of the company's first locations in the city when it opened in 2004. It would later expand into 199 Orchard Street, constantly pushing the envelope with its window displays. Memorably, mannequins have had "quite the '70s era bush, as seen through and around a white lingerie set," the local site reminisced. There was also that "culturally insensitive" window display that sparked a petition.

It still leaves the beleagured brand with more than a dozen stores in the borough, plus a smattering in Brooklyn and northern New Jersey. The next one likely to go? The Soho Factory store spotted with a large "For Lease" sign in its window.

American Apparel

183 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002, USA