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Missoni Home Will Pop Up in a Soho Menswear Store

Missoni Home products
Missoni Home products
Venturelli/Getty Images

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By partnering with menswear shop Carson Street Clothiers, Missoni Home is reaching out to a whole new clientele. WWD reports that its 200-square-foot shop-in-shop that debuts this Friday and takes over a former lounge space in the store will sell deck pillows, throws, towels, bathrooms, candles, socks, ties, and "a really cool sofa," says Missoni vice president of sales Stephanie Tulien.

The collaboration makes perfect sense, really — Missoni was the first real fashion presence that the store introduced one season after it opened in 2013. "They have been very kind to us and let us propagate the Missoni bible," Carson Street co-owner Trunzo told the paper. "For us, this is just widening the net. We're of the belief that there is a Missoni customer out there downtown looking for this. As we all know in New York City, uptown might as well be Westchester and vice versa."

If the demand is there — and it sounds like it is — Missoni Home may extend its (yet-to-be-specified) run at 63 Crosby Street.

Carson Street Clothiers

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