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Mile High Run Club Just Acquired Like-Minded Treadmill Gym TheRun

Mile High Run Club/Facebook

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This town ain't big enough for the both of 'em. Boutique treadmill gym TheRun, which opened this spring sent out an email to its customers today letting them know it's been acquired by Mile High Run Club, a different boutique treadmill gym that opened last fall. MHRC "plans to renovate the 24 W 25th St studio for re-launch in January 2016, marking MHRC's second location in NYC," the email reads in part. "You're still in great hands with the top running coaches you've come to know and love."

The differences between the two studios weren't extreme. Both offered versions that combined interval jogging and hill work in shorter sessions, along with some endurance-based classes, and both had equally sick lighting schemes. TheRun had the added bonus of treadmills that do the work for you, which doesn't mean it'll make those sprints effortless — the treadmill would automatically increase and decrease both speed and incline based on each individual's fitness level (at MHRC, you do this yourself based on a speed range).

It's not yet clear just how different TheRun will be from its original set-up when it reopens as Mile High Run Club next year, or whether MHRC will incorporate any of TheRun's techniques into their own programs.

Mile High Run Club

24 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010, USA