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The Elizabeth and James Sample Sale Is Now an Additional 30% Off

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Early this morning, we got word that the Elizabeth and James sample sale is now an additional 30% off from original sale prices, so we popped in when the doors opened this morning to see what's left from opening day. That extra markdown translates to airy tank tops for $17.50 and blazers and dresses for $70 from the Elizabeth and James line, while you can expect $35 dresses and jeans from Textiles. Sadly, the discount did not apply to samples; tops are still $20, bottoms are $30, dresses are $50, and leather pieces will set you back $100.

However, there's a good chance you're not going to be spending money in this section anyway — it's next to impossible to find a sample that doesn't have a stain or snag or isn't completely held together by safety pins (and hope, presumably). If you were planning on finding a unique sample, this sale isn't going to be of much help.

Size-wise, Textiles has a large range. If you're planning on stocking up on those $35 jeans, there's a larger selection of styles in smaller sizes; but overall there is plenty of stock in all sizes. For Elizabeth and James, the smaller sizes are more plentiful right now, but hopefully the restock that's coming through daily will bring a more even spread.

If there's anything you see in the gallery above that you just need, we advise you to go sooner rather than later to scoop it up. Check out the Dealfeed below to see the sale's remaining hours.