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Donald Trump's Papier-Mâchéd Head Is in the Alexis Bittar Windows

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Alexis Bittar

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If you happen to walk by what appears to be the lifeless, enlarged head of a certain Republican presidential candidate during your next stroll through Soho, don't be alarmed. It's just Alexis Bittar's way of saying "Hey, aren't politics weird?"

Fashionista reports that the jewelry designer has installed eight life-size mannequins, each decked out in a dollar bill-printed suit and topped with an absolutely gigantic papier-mâché version of Donald Trump's head in its store windows. From now until November 16th, the Alexis Bittar stores on Broome Street, Columbus Avenue, and Madison Avenue (as well as locations in Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago) will all feature Trump with a speech bubble of one of his choice quotes: "I mean, part of the beauty of me is that I'm very rich."

The likenesses are all part of the jewelry designer's "salute to the absurdity that is prime-time American politics and to The Donald's larger-than-life persona," a rep for the brand told the blog. Point achieved.

Alexis Bittar

465 Broome St, New York, NY 10013 (718) 422-7580