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The Hermès Sample Sale Crowd Devolved Into Madness as Hundreds Got Shut Out

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Unprecedented crowds at the first day of the Hermès sample sale is resulting in a lot of unhappy shoppers — or would-be shoppers, rather. Racked NY associate editor Channing Hargrove reports that people who have been waiting outside Soiffer Haskin at 317 West 33rd Street for as long as 12 hours won't get the chance to check out the enamel bangles and ties that are reportedly up to 60% off retail prices before the doors close at 7pm.

There was chatter of vouchers being handed out so that those waiting today could cut tomorrow's line, but those never materialized. "It looks like people are in shock," Hargrove says of the hundreds she's stood with all day.

Some of the reasons why this situation is so much more difficult than in years past is because the venue is letting in fewer shoppers at a time, Sample Sally says. Hargrove also overheard earlier in the day that those who made it inside were taking their sweet time with trying on clothes; there's apparently no limit as to how long you can stay once you're in.

While those who stood outside all day are certainly disappointed about wasting a day, word is that merchandise has been restocked all day long, so shoppers haven't necessarily missed their chance. Mizhattan's also heard rumors that Soiffer has been saving up merchandise to put out on Saturday, though that can't be confirmed. As Madison Avenue Spy unfortunately advises, your best bet to getting a VIP invite and avoiding this mess is to start dropping serious coin on full-price Hermès now.