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The Early Word on What's Inside the Hermès Sample Sale

Eric Piermont/Getty Images

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While our reporter braves the hours-long line outside the Hermès sample sale (she's currently on hour five), our friend the Madison Avenue Spy was lucky enough to be among the first inside, and has tons of details on what you'll find — once you actually get there, of course.

With markdowns "better than ever" at 60% off, the blog reports that there's a "nice assortment" of silk scarves for $270 (down from $670), ties for $75, twillies for $158, and enamel bracelets for between $172 and $320, depending on width. Those in search for cashmere, extra large scarves, watches, home decor, baby items, or fragrances, however, you're out of luck — and ditto with leather goods besides gloves and shoes, of which she found precious little.

The sale's highlights? Shoes, including tall leather boots, as well as the ready-to-wear selection, which "appears to be better than ever." Head over to Madison Avenue Spy to read the rest.

Update! Another one of our blogger friends, Mizhattan, did the impossible and managed to sneak in a cell phone. She reports that shoes, which are all 60% off, include Carina ballet flats, Giorno wedge sandals, Florida pumps, and Icone sandals. Ready-to-wear includes trenches, printed dresses, suede jackets, shearling coats, leather jackets, and knitwear from past collections, all also 60% off.

Another bit of intel: You might want to wait until the weekend. Mizhattan has heard rumors that the organizer has limited the merchandise on the first day, and is waiting until Saturday to put out the remaining inventory. Head over to the blog to read the rest.