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Nicholas Kirkwood Sample Sale Shoes Are Now an Extra 20% Off

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On day three of the Nicholas Kirkwood sample sale, one thing is for certain: you won't be fighting a crowd. They all came and left during the first day or so, and they took the most common shoe sizes with them. We came back to check on the sale this morning just as employees were putting up signs that promised an additional 20% off sale prices on women's styles. Once inside, however, the options were limited. If you've ever felt cursed for having abnormally big or small feet, this is the perfect time to exact your revenge with discounted designer heels — anyone else should wait until next time.

That's not to say all hope is lost: While most of the options are either around sizes 36 or 40, there are some shoes (marked in the gallery above) with decent backstock in more varied sizes. According to a sales associate, any shoes displayed in open boxes (on the long racks in the middle of the room) are the last of their kind, but if you spot something with a closed box (found around the perimeter), you might be in luck. Check out our favorite women's styles in the gallery above, marked with both original and current sale prices.

If you came in search of fall boots, you're going to be disappointed. There is one single style of brown boot with some backstock, but if you spot any others, they'll come in that size and that size only. For men, the remaining selection is tiny, with just one rack dedicated to maybe ten styles, tops. The silver lining, though, is that men's shoes are discounted an extra 30 percent right now.

But all this being said, the atmosphere is calm and the sales associates are helpful. If you're in the area, it definitely wouldn't hurt to drop by. Check the Dealfeed below for details.