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The Bonpoint Sample Sale Includes Halloween Masks and Tiny Snow Suits

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We stopped by the Bonpoint sample sale preview yesterday to see what was in store for today's official opening, and if you're looking for luxurious winter gear for your little ones, you're in luck. As in previous years, everything is 60% off of its retail price, which is nice considering the fact that a Bonpoint sweater typically retails for $200 or more. And this time, the floor is well stocked, with more than enough to go around for every little boy and girl — there is even an ample amount of size twos, which is typically scarce at these sales.

New mommies or moms-to-be, should definitely make a stop in for the adorable items for newborns, like velour stretchies for about $60, cozy winter blankets for about $130, and booties for about $45. We even saw a shearling Bundle Me to die for (but you also might die over its price: $438). For children aged two and above, you'll find bright sweaters for about $60, crisp blouses and button-ups for about $50, tons of colorful jeans and cords for about $60, and beautiful dresses for $100 and up.

What's great about the sale this time is that there are just so many coats, gloves, scarves, and hats for the upcoming cold months. We saw a bunch of puffers with fur hoods for $240 and a beautiful sheepskin-lined tweed coat for little girls for $250. We also saw a bunch of vests in all types of different furs ranging from $85 to about $200.

Winter scarves will run you about $70, gloves $50, and hats about $80, but there are tons of style and combos to choose from. Other accessories you'll find this time include tights, socks, belts, purses, and ties. We even found masks and cat-ear headbands for sale just in time for Halloween.

The shoe selection was a bit smaller than we remembered from past sales, but it's still quite good and even includes a few pairs of the Golden Goose x Bonpoint sneakers for $148 (sigh, if only we were a children's size 6).

The sale runs until Thursday afternoon, but the sooner you go the better — there's no restocking. Check the gallery for photos from inside and the Dealfeed below for more details about the sale's whereabouts.