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Supreme Alum Launches Nolita Flagship For His Own Brand, Noah

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When you walk into Noah for the first time, Brendon Babenzien wants you do so with an open mind. You may recognize the name: Babenzien was the creative director at Supreme on and off for 15 years (and his brother, Ryan, is the man who runs the Brooklyn-based sneaker company Greats). Now, Babenzien wants to redefine the way men shop at his brand's first-ever flagship at the corner of Mulberry and Kenmare streets.

"My wife did all the interior and all the design," he told the New York Observer about the space, which has sat vacant since Paul Frank and his animal friends left more than two years ago. "We talked a lot about how I came up as a kid and how I worked in a surf shop with I was younger. That was a cultural center where people came and hung out. I want this to feel welcoming and not like you have to come in, buy something, and get the hell out" (a perspective that a lot of new menswear stores seem to be taking these days).

And thus the 800-square foot space features a variety of wooden accents, fixtures, and racks held up by leather straps suspended from the ceiling. In addition to being able to shop Noah clothing and accessories — which Babenzian first started in the early 2000s and revived with this year's spring/summer collection — labels like Union Los Angeles, Aprix, Paraboot, and bandanas from Shin Murayama are available, too. "We're bringing in products that are a reflection of our interests and show how things can be work in many ways," he said to the paper. "This is what this brand is about."

And while the store's vibe may entice you to hang out for a bit, your wallet will probably try to high-tail it out of there pretty quickly. $48 tees and $32 hats are sprinkled about, but jackets start at $400 and the majority of the collection is priced between $800 and $1,200.


195 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012, USA