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'Heroine Chic' Is the Comic Book Character Fashion Was Missing


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There are superheroes who surf, superheroes who fly invisible jets, and even a superhero called Arm-Fall-Off-Boy whose only power (a quick Google search will reveal) is dismembering his own limbs and putting them back on his body. But never before has there been a comic book character who's an NYC fashion assistant — until now.

WWD reports that the aptly-named Heroine Chic debuted today on comic book publishing platform Line Webtoon. It follows Zoe Porter, a Parsons grad who dreams of launching her own line of superhero costumes. And if New York fashion girls see a part of themselves in the protagonist, there's a good reason: "I saw this woman walking down Broadway wearing these shiny coral leggings and a sports bra," said author David Tischman of his inspiration, "and I thought to myself, 'That's a superhero costume.'"

Fashion-obsessed readers will also recognize some other tidbits in the series. For instance, there are references to obscure designers like Budapest-based Back to the Fox, and the villain's boots are inspired by Hood By Air.

Like pretty much every fictitious version of the fashion industry, there's the expected dose of The Devil Wears Prada influence — Zoe's boss is a "crazy genius" designer named Dyna Cuff. But there's also a certain goofiness to the story, which is absolutely riddled with swear words and even period jokes. Dig into the first three chapters now.