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What You'll Find at the Civilized, Expensive David Yurman Sample Sale

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Once again, David Yurman has brought back the most civilized sample sale shopping experience ever, which you'll see for yourself if you can wait out the line. We checked it out at yesterday afternoon's opening and were greeted by a line wrapped around the block. If you're planning on checking out the sale, remember to bring patience (or a book) with you.

The first display case we encountered was full of "special price" items — but unlike last year's sale, there weren't crazy-good deals like $195 jewelry or $65 sunglasses. Instead, it was higher-priced items with 50% discounts, so understandably this area was pretty much deserted. If you're pressed for time, we suggest you head to the middle of the sale first.

What you'll find is pretty much the same as what;s been offered at previous sales; however, a few experienced shoppers said that there seemed to be a slightly larger variety this year. Everything is neatly organized by discount and then by material. A simple color-coded system labels everything: With a blue dot, it's 30% off; a yellow dot is 40% off; and a red dot indicates 60% off. If there's no sticker attached, the piece is simply 50% off.

Plain silver rings are going for around $180, but if you're looking for one with gemstones, that's going to set you back around $1,400. Silver charm bracelets with glass beads were $495, while the bigger silver bracelets start around $750. We also spotted a display full of silver bracelet cuffs for $450. Huge, chunky silver chains were 50% off for a cool $1,000. Most of the gold jewelry is 40% or 50% off, with gold rings starting at around $400. You can see more examples of what you'll find and its price range in the gallery above.

This sale isn't just for women. In the back, there was a large display of men's items, including dog tag necklaces ($300—$600) and silver crosses ($250—$500). Those who are shopping here will notice that this area is sparsely attended compared to the rest of the sale.

The block was packed with activity yesterday, and it likely will be again today. The Jimmy Choo and Swarovski sales are right next door, so make sure you're standing in line for the right one (we saw two women who waited for over an hour for the wrong one!) Check out the Deelfeed below for the sale times and location.