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The Swarovski Sample Sale Has So Much Jewelry Under $100

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Make your way past the crowds waiting to get their hands on discounted Jimmy Choo bags and shoes at Metropolitan Pavilion to find the Swarovski sample sale in the same building — there likely won't be a line for it, so just make your way to the front and let the list-holders at the door where you're going. We popped by the fifth floor yesterday afternoon to see what's left for the final day of the sale, and we can sum it up in one word: Plenty. In a few more words: Plenty at up to 75% off.

There were more sales associates than there were customers shortly after noon yesterday, most of whom were situated within the inside of the rectangular set-up of the sale space. Everything is either 50% off, 60% off, or 75% off, with signs that clearly mark each section (staff will help you figure out discounts, too). We saw plenty of jewelry ranging from little stars on delicate gold chains ($35) to chunky bib necklaces and cocktail rings (around $60 for the latter). Check out the gallery above to get an idea of what you'll find.

A few bedazzled cell phone cases (around $20) were thrown into the mix here, as were pens. One table off to the side held fine jewelry that was a bit pricier. And on your way in, you can grab a souvenir tote bag to carry around your jewelry boxes before checking out. This sale only runs through 5pm this evening, so plan on heading in soon if you're eyeing under-$100 trinkets.