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Ooh, There's Prada Bags for Almost Half-Off at the Brioni Sample Sale (Update)

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Sample Sally

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Update: This sale has been extended through Friday, October 30th, with menswear and more handbags added to the selection.

When Brioni announced its womenswear sample sale earlier this month, the brand alluded to carrying a certain European designer's bags at a good discount, but remained coy on the name. So earlier this week, Sample Sally scoped out the Flatiron sale to discover that brand — Prada — and that good discount — 50% (well, almost).

Saffiano Executive totes are plentiful, the blogger reports. While the small size in black normally retails for $2,200, they'll cost you $1,320 at the Brioni sale. Likewise, you can expect large, tan Saffianos for $1,860 — (normally $3,100). So the word "cheap" isn't really applicable here, but it's a nice chunk of cash saved on a brand that doesn't discount that often. And if you're worried about authenticity, Sally was told that you can take them to Prada stores to verify the bags.

Elsewhere around the sale, you'll find Brioni's selection of "Italian wool corporate wear" and outerwear at 70% off, which puts blouses and other tops at $199, pants and skirts at $299, blazers at $449, dresses at $499—$599, and coats at $599. For more details on the sale ending Sunday October 30th, check out the Dealfeed below.