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The Doors to the Jimmy Choo Sample Sale Are Wide Open (Update: And Now It's Longer)

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There's only two things you need to know about Jimmy Choo's sample sale: It's happening right now on the fourth floor of Metropolitan Pavilion, and it's now open to the public. Oh, and you should also know that you'll need to leave plenty of time to shop it — when we stopped by this morning, there was a line at least 100-deep with both VIPs and non-invitees clamoring to get in, and that's only to grow as people exit their offices today.

Once inside, we found a surprising number of neutrals for both shoes (lots of nude pumps in all sizes) and bags (plenty of clutches in non-crazy colors). Prices are the same as previous sales, with men's and women's shoes starting at $250 and and going up to $375 for boots. Small leather goods like wallets and iPad cases were going quickly at $100 a pop, and handbags ranged from $250 to $450 depending on size. If your item of choice is made of an exotic skin, add $100 for shoes and $200 for handbags to that price tag. Be sure to inspect your purchases too, since lots of things had damages that ranged from slight (buff-able scuffs) to not-so-slight (a broken purse strap)

Luckily, we can expect price cuts to hit when the doors open tomorrow — and maybe once again later on in the day — but there's no guarantee of what'll be left to shop; we saw one customer drop several thousand bucks on her finds today. Your best bet might be to brave the lines before work tomorrow, since the sale wraps up at 4pm 6pm [Update: The sale's been extended by two hours!]. Check out more details in the Dealfeed below.