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The Sandro Sample Sale Is Low on Coats, Well-Stocked for the Small (Update)

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Update: As of Friday morning, all items are an additional 20% off. Original sale prices are listed below and in the gallery above.

If you're hoping to find your winter coat in the remaining days of Sandro's sample sale, you better hurry. There aren't many outerwear options left in anything over a size 1, though we did see a few 3s sprinkled throughout the racks. There's a few coats stocked that we didn't see on Monday, specifically a patterned fur coat reminiscent of this season's Marotte coat in black ($495) and black-and-white tweed ($275).

The majority of parkas and wool coats are gone, and the sales associate said they won't really be restocking much in these categories. Your best bet would be blazers that are still available in a variety of sizes, though 36 and 38 are the most prominent. The remaining selection of tops is good, too, including the silk camis, perforated tops, and long-sleeved blouses all for $75.

There are a ton of pants (especially printed ones), plus dress and skirt options. We only saw one buttery leather skirt in navy, but bottoms appeared to have a decent variety of sizes left; but just like the blazers, the majority were 36s and 38s.

There isn't much left to browse in the accessories section. Plenty of scarves in cashmere, wool, and polyblend ($45) remain next to the limited selection of jewelry, and two tables full of shoes for $125—$150 didn't spark much interest.

As for the men, there were still a lot of trench coats to choose from in black and tan, and plenty of suiting options — trousers, jackets, and vests — in black and navy remained as well.

If you're looking for smaller women sizes, it may be worth popping into the sale before it ends this weekend. And while additional markdowns are expected, the sales associate we spoke to wasn't confident that anything would be restocked. Check out the Dealfeed below for the remaining hours.