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American Apparel Will Be 'Selective' About Closing Stores During Bankruptcy

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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American Apparel is having a rough month. The clothing company filed for bankruptcy earlier this month and WWD let it slip that it planned to be selective about which stores to keep open. There are currently 136 stores across the country, and 14 of those located in Manhattan. The "Made in LA" retailer recently closed up shop at 73rd Street, and the Soho Factory Outlet looks to be the next one to go.

"They've done a pretty good job with picking some pretty good locations and in some cases, very good locations around the country," Andrew Graiser, co-president of real estate advisory firm A&G Reality Partners, said to the paper of the success of American Apparel's New York stores. And now, they might belong to someone else.

None of the sales associates in Manhattan, New Jersey or Brooklyn — 20 stores in total — knew anything about which locations would be shuttered or holding liquidation sales, or if their leases will be auctioned off or returned to the landlords.

It's anyone's guess about which stores are up next on the chopping block, though, the decline of the hipster brand, could mean closings in Williamsburg soon.