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Clothingline's Baby Sample Sale Is Cute, Cozy, and 75% Off

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When you walk into the Clothingline sample sale, featuring children's brands like Jacardi, Caramel Baby & Child, and Egg by Susan Lazar, try not to think about the clothes you wore back when you were a small infant in embarrassing family photos. It will just make you sad. Instead, focus on outfitting the baby in your life in what is possibly the most fashionable and fun children's clothing out there, and all up to 75% off.

Past the wall of checked strollers and bags, moms on a mission were tearing apart displays and bins when we stopped by at this morning's opening. That's because the clothes on offer are current, stylish, and seriously discounted. There's something for everyone from three months to twelve years old. Fuzzy cable knit fleeces? You bet. Corduroys and jackets in classic fall colors? Tons of them. Emoji print tops? But of course.

The first thing you'll notice is the rack of Zara Terez tops ($25), leggings ($25), and dresses ($50), and not just because it's the first on display — it's also the boldest. Partnering with Candy Crush, the collection is modern and neon, with dresses and skirts covered in bright prints of cartoon sweets and owls.

If the rack of Milly clothes opposite the Zara Terez selection looks familiar to you, it's because you saw it in Milly's own sample sale back in September. This is the only section where you won't find much to match the dropping temperatures, but don't worry. Beyond this is everything you need, and more, to get your little one ready for the cooler season.

You could pick up a Children Chic knit cardigan ($29) or an Egg faux shearling hoodie ($30), and tie the look together with a sophisticated Caramel Baby & Child scarf or leather desert boots, both at 75% off. Or, really bundle up with 50% off of all Jacadi pieces, like warm parkas and fluffy mittens.

For a real steal, check out the Imps & Elfs bins in the back: Everything in them is just one dollar. The selection isn't as in-season as the other clothes in the room, but you could still throw together an entire outfit for less than a fiver.

By the time we were ready to leave, clothes were strewn across the tables and at least two babies were crying. This sale isn't for the faint of heart, but since it's only running for one more day, it's worth gathering up the courage and diving in. Check out times and location in the Dealfeed below.