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21 Crazy Halloween Makeup Looks to Steal from Comic Con

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New York Comic Con took over NYC last week (in case you were wondering why you passed more bizarrely dressed characters than usual on your way to work), bringing more than 150,000 fans to the Javits Center. And while the festival wrapped up last Sunday, it happened to be handily scheduled right around the time you're starting to think about a Halloween costume. Inspiration, anyone?

Take it from these fans: The cat ears you bought at Duane Reade last October 31st aren't going to cut it. Above, find 21 crazy-cool makeup and hair looks we saw at New York Comic Con, plus easy tips on how to recreate them at home. Included in the mix: Disney princesses, badass superheroes, and two versions each of some of the most popular costumes from the festival: Poison Ivy, the Cheshire Cat, and Harley Quinn.