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The Hanky Panky Sample Sale Has An Express Line For Thongs

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While fall is all about muted colors and subtle layers, Hanky Panky's Chelsea Market sample sale is all about the fun underneath. We were given early access to take a look at what the lingerie brand had to offer, and found that their selection of underwear, bralettes, camis, and nightwear wasn't just classic and fun, it was also at least half off.

Bins of boyshorts, bikinis, and bralettes fill the venue at 410 West 16th Street. Although the bins are marked with sizes XS through L, those in search of smaller sizes are advised to hit the sale ASAP, as those are usually the first to go. Despite that, there's something for everyone amongst the varied styles of lace and sheer silk, with solid and basic styles mixed in with bold animal and Aztec prints.

A cool feature of this sale is the thong express line towards the back of the room. Rather than rifling through bins, shoppers can view the selection of low-rise, mid-rise, and petite thongs displayed on the wall, choose and pay for their purchase right there, and then pick it up down the stairs when they're ready to head out.

This system saves valuable space for things like sleepwear and bridal wear which line the opposite wall from the thong line and take up a majority of the racks. Their bridal collection in particular is worth a look-through for the bride on a budget who still wants to take advantage of this season's styles. According to associates, the most on-trend bridal wear is all about color, and the entire bridal selection is light and flowy with floral embellishments and pastel highlights.

For those looking for a more sultry purchase, the After Midnight collection ticks all the boxes. The items are black, mixing lace with leather and sometimes a pop of gold hardware to create a piece that is both powerful and flattering.

Other areas include a (small) plus-size section, as well as more basic, full-coverage nightgowns mixed in with cute PJ sets and crop tops.

In general, you won't find yourself paying more than $15 for bras or panties, and no more than $30 for nightgowns and chemises. While there will be some restocking, there definitely won't be markdowns, so grab your size while you still can. You can get a more comprehensive list of prices here, and take a look at the Dealfeed below for details on the venue and opening times.