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A Store Devoted Entirely to Fancy Laundering Is Coming to Soho

The Laundress

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If you have never separated your clothes before throwing them in one of those huge laundromat washing machines with Duane Reade-bought detergent, then you'll want to visit 199 Prince Street in mid-November. That's when The Laundress — the eco-friendly brand of specialty detergents, as well as home cleaning products and candles — is set to open its first-ever flagship store.

It'll be not much larger than a studio apartment at 400 square feet, but that's plenty of space to house its entire collection, plus new product extensions and collaborations before they're available online and select products from favored brands like Le Labo and Fog Linen. Look for its debut during the week of November 16th, and consider how you're going to break up with your dry cleaner in the meantime.

The Laundress

199 Prince St, New York, NY 10012, USA