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Ooh, Rent the Runway's Sample Sale Is Now an Additional 50% Off (Update)

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Update: For Saturday and Sunday, dresses and accessories are now 50% off their original sample sale prices! The 30% discount from Thursday is reflected in the photo gallery price captions.

Rent the Runway's sample sale is still in full swing. Earlier this week, we checked out the sale and discovered cocktail dresses galore, plenty of shorter dresses, and long lines both outside (to get in) and inside (for the fitting rooms). We headed back in this afternoon and found something else, too: Markdowns.

Everything at 260 Fifth Avenue is now an additional 30% off 50% off its original sample price. The crowds have died down, too — at lunchtime today, there were still a lot of shoppers but no line. You now have a little more room to breathe, or even try on a dress. What's even better than the newfound wiggle room is that the sale is still filled to the brim with designer dresses, though you'll still need to be on the lookout for damages.

Check out the gallery above to see our favorites from the current selection, and see the sale's remaining hours in the Dealfeed below. If we hear of any further markdowns before it closes on Sunday, we'll let you know.