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Helmut Lang's First-Ever Art Show Opens This Thursday

Lang's sculptures inside his studio. Photos: <a href="">WSJ</a>
Lang's sculptures inside his studio. Photos: WSJ

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In the decade since leaving fashion, Helmut Lang has been busy working on a series of sculptures from his East Hampton estate—and for the first time ever, his work will be shown publicly, the WSJ reports. Good news for the Manhattan-based fashion set: It'll be at Nolita's Sperone Westwater gallery this Thursday.

The show even includes some remnants of Lang's infamous shredding incident—in 2010, the Soho space where he stored his archives caught fire, and he destroyed the remaining pieces in an industrial shredder "without hierarchy." On the subject, he says only this: "Well, I was very serious about art, and I didn't want to be the goalkeeper of my former legacy. So they had to go."

To create the sculptures pictured above, he mixed the shredded fabric with resin and white pigment, poured it into aluminum tubes, let it bake in the sun, then cut the tubes, allowing the material to ooze out. He then repeated the process using different colored resins.

Another series, also on view and pictured below, is made of cardboard boxes, which Lang collapsed, stacked, "belted" with twine and tape, and doused in (again) pigment and resin to represent "the embracement of the body."

Lang's work will be on view from January 8th through February 21st.

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