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American Two Shot's Extreme Sale: Worth the Weekend?

Driely S.

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Update: Over the weekend, American Two Shot announced that this sale has been extended through the week of February 2nd.

When word came that American Two Shot would hold the rare major sale, our reaction was a simple "YAAS." And though the sale debuted on Wednesday, we stopped in at the halfway point to see if it was worth hitting up over the weekend for its final two days.

While stock is plentiful—the entire back of the store is dedicated to the sale, and about a third of it is menswear, the sizes do run rather small, though we spotted a few stray 8s and 12s among the sea of XS tops, skirts, and dresses.

Compared to the original prices, the sale is a great one: most items are at least half-off or more. As for brands, there's tons of Vivetta, Rachel Antonoff, Antipodium, as well as local designers like Dusen Dusen, Samantha Pleet, and the boutique's house line, Clothes by American Two Shot, which are generally less expensive than the bulk of the other merchandise.

There's plenty to find under $100, including tops, dresses and skirts, in the $60 to $90 range, plus an entire rack of denim jeans, all for $90 a pair. We didn't, however, spy any accessories and only a few pairs of shoes—the selection is far more vast on the website, and prices are similar there as well.

The Extreme Sale is a bit like a sample sale in two ways—sizes are small and there's rarely more than one of each item—but with the bonus of having hardly anyone else shopping alongside you. Plus, once you're done shopping, you post up at the in-store cafe and admire your purchases.

The final word: Even if you're not already doing the whole brunch-then-tipsy-shopping thing this weekend, try to squeeze the Extreme Sale into your plans and pick up a few items you can be sure none of your friends already own. If not, the online sale ain't a bad backup plan.