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Brooklynettes Launching Design Contest for New Uniforms

Sketches of this year's costumes. Photo: Brooklynettes
Sketches of this year's costumes. Photo: Brooklynettes

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If you've always dreamed of having Beyonce gaze upon your designs from courtside at the Barclays Center, have we got news for you: The Brooklynettes need new uniforms to correspond with the Brooklyn Nets' new, 70's-inspired jerseys, and they're tapping fashion students for ideas.

The new "stars and stripes" jerseys, shown in the middle, are inspired by the Nets' uniforms from the 70's (at left). The current jerseys are on the right.

Any tri-state area designer currently enrolled in a fashion program can submit a sketch, which must be in black and white, include the word "NETS," and draw inspiration from this year's costumes (some of which are pictured above). Once the submission period ends on February 6th, the top three designs will be posted on the Brooklyn Nets' website and subject to a public vote. The winner will even get a prize—a four-week internship with costume designer David Dalrymple. For the full guidelines, head here. Make it work, people.

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