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It's Cool For Dudes to Get Peels Now, Says 'New York Times'

Nothing to see here. Photo: <a href=";_r=1">The New York Times</a>
Nothing to see here. Photo: The New York Times

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"Are You Man Enough for a Peel?" asks the latest New York Times trend piece. Well, are you? This, apparently, is a question that every dude must ask of himself now; welcome to the year 2015.

Whether they've noticed the softening effects of facial peels on women and seek the same for themselves, or simply want a closer shave, men from Park Slope all the way to, well, okay, the Flatiron District, are requesting them.

The benefits extend to dermatologists as well, with the man-peel acting as a "gateway drug" to more intrusive (and expensive) procedures. "[They] come in for that, and then maybe the next year they're asking about skin tightening," said one dermatologist.

Getting dudes there in the first place is a game of trickery, however—dermatologists will liken facials to machinery or a DIY project to make them sound like "business" rather than a "fluffy facial treatment." "Guys are kind of into Home Depot and Lowe's and doing it themselves," said an executive at one skincare company, "We wanted that strong, powerful association."

Added another: "Men don't want to sift through emotional mumbo-jumbo." No. Cause that's lady stuff. Once again, welcome to 2015.

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