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Multiple Pinkberry Closings Sound Froyo's Death Knell

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

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It's dark days for frozen yogurt. A few years ago, froyo shops were on top of the world—edging out local businesses, inspiring Tumblrs, and leaving cupcake bakeries in their gummy-bear-topped dust. But at some point, New York City reached Peak Frozen Yogurt, as evidenced by a slew of froyo closings—the most recent ones being the Pinkberry outposts on Spring Street and Saint Marks Place, Bowery Boogie reports.

Blame market saturation, rising rents, or the dawning realization that drowning 200 calories' worth of birthday-cake-flavored froyo in a pool of hot fudge and chocolate chips is…a lot more than 200 calories, but Big Frozen Yogurt is slowly losing its power, and Green Juice is waiting in the sidelines, ready to assume the after-work snack throne.
· Fire-Scorched Pinkberry on Spring Street Melts into Oblivion [Bowery Boogie]