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Everything You Need to Keep Running Through an NYC Winter

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday: every hump-day, we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios.

This is the worst time of year to pick up a running habit in New York City—but if you're starting now, know that you'll be able to run through anything. To prepare for the snowy, icy, windy miles ahead, we picked the brains of three local running experts—a group coach, a running gear store owner, and a treadmill gym instructor—for their best tips on what to wear to beat the weather, how to recover at home, and (perhaps most importantly) how to get yourself out the door in the first place. Take a look at their recommendations below before lacing up for your next below-freezing trek.

Before the Run—Or How to Get Your Butt Outside

· "Give your body additional time to warm up, especially before a speed workout."Liz Corkum (aka Coach Corky), Mile High Run Club

· My experience is that if you sit down when get home, you're done. If you give yourself that five minutes to talk yourself out of a run, you're going to come up with 500 perfectly acceptable reasons not to go out ... Come home and put on some music as soon as possible and start changing for your workout immediately."—Matthew Rosetti, Brooklyn Running Co.

· "Stay hydrated. Runners often forget to drink enough in winter but just because it's cold doesn't mean you're not sweating, and your body is still losing water."—Marnie Kunz, running coach and Runstreet founder

· "Just as our bodies are compromised in performance in extreme heat/humidity, the same is true for cold. If temperatures dip into the teens or single digits, abandon a goal pace and run by effort."—Liz Corkum

· "Running with a group in cold weather is a great way to stay motivated and get tips from your fellow runners."—Marnie Kunz

· "Pick a race. It'll increase the likelihood that you're going to get out and work out more frequently because you're going to be judged on race day—judged by yourself, judged by the clock."—Matthew Rosetti

For the Run

When the Run Is Done

· "If you have a cold or sinus problems, the cold air can dry out your sinuses. Using a humidifier in your home can help your nasal and sinus passages stay moisturizer, preventing blockages."—Marnie Kunz

· "Refuel and warm up with a warm snack. I love warming up chocolate milk on the stove, it's like a healthy hot chocolate. It gives me essential carbs, protein and sugar post-run while warming me up."—Liz Corkum

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