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How to Tell If You're in a Hipster Boutique: The Ultimate Checklist

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Hipster boutique owners don't just sell clothes these days, they sell lifestyles—the logic being that the girl who buys a $300 cropped sweater might picture herself wearing it while splayed out on a hand-dyed flokati rug (oh look, there's a stack of them for sale) while burning $30 campfire-scented candles (piled neatly by the register) and sipping on a coconut milk chai (you saw the in-house tea bar, right?).

Entering one of these places—where every detail from the rack of small-press magazines to the cheeky neon signs is designed to make you want to move in immediately—which is why we've compiled a checklist to help you determine what kind of store you're dealing with. Check off more than ten and you're in serious danger of walking in for a t-shirt, walking out with a yarn wall hanging and a $60 brass bottle opener.