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Where This Brooklyn Jeweler Crafts Heirlooms Out of Barbies

Welcome to Open Studio, a Racked feature where we explore the workspaces and showrooms of some of the city's most talented, up-and-coming designers.

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Winden's Rebecca Mapes may craft her jewelry from serious materials—14 karat gold, sterling silver, champagne diamonds—but her ultra-delicate designs double as answers to the question, "Wouldn't it be funny if…" The line's microscopic Euro and Yen earrings—which, according to Rebecca's friends, telegraph, "I like money…but just a little bit."—are the designer's take on gold chains loaded down with dollar sign pendants, while diamond-dotted ear-shaped studs (cast from a vintage Barbie's ears) came about as a way to wear earrings wearing earrings.

The In God We Trust alum started off making dainty pieces as a way to keep fine jewelry affordable—prices start at $25 for sterling silver studs—and that same budget-consciousness extends to her new bridal line. "I think that there is a hole in the market for affordable engagement rings—a lot of people are looking for something unique," Rebecca told us. "The main idea behind my ceremonial line was to use a nontraditional stone as the center stone to bring the price down, but to still have the glittery diamonds surrounding it."

See those showstoppers, the designer's workspace—where Winden creations get their final touches before heading off to local favorites like Catbird, Steven Alan, and The Rising States—and her furry studio assistant Oli, above.