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MTA Targets Worst Subway Deviants of All, Nail Clippers

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Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

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First the MTA came for Man Spreaders—dudes who feel repressed when their thighs aren't splayed across three subway seats—and now DNA Info reports that the organization has turned its attention to two new types of public transit offenders: groomers and nail clippers. The latter—the rarest and most disturbing of subway deviants—should probably just go directly to jail, but public groomers come in varying degrees of offensiveness. Applying winged eyeliner in a moving train car? Impressive! Brushing your hair, and spritzing perfume? Questionable.

"Clipping ? Primping? Everyone wants to look their best, but it's a subway car, not a restroom," says the newest MTA ad, which, if you glance at its stick figures quickly, kinda reads like the MTA is cracking down on whittling and maraca playing.
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