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NOOO: Spa Castle Premier Has Been Shut Down by Health Dpt.

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Photo: Spa Castle Premier 57
Photo: Spa Castle Premier 57

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We are terribly sorry to interrupt your morning with horrible, no-good news: Spa Castle Premier 57, the luxurious midtown sanctuary of our dreams which opened just one month ago after what felt like an eternity of waiting, was shut down by the New York City Health Department yesterday. DNAinfo reports that the mega-spa had been operating without a permit or an approved safety plan.

"We closed Spa Castle in Manhattan today because they were found to be operating without a permit or an approved safety plan," a spokeswoman told the publication, "which is required for all bathing establishments in New York City."

This isn't the first time Spa Castle Premier 57 has faced backlash: When it was scheduled to open in November, the building's co-op board sued to prevent it entirely, claiming that it would "block air and sunlight from the tenants and expose them to noise and nudity." And then, of course, there was the 84-year-old man who was pronounced dead shortly after being found floating in a hot tub at the Spa Castle in Queens.

No word on what this means for the spa, but the shutdown was reportedly "indefinite." We'll keep you posted.

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Spa Castle Premier 57

115 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022