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Jumpstart a Gym Routine With These Personal Training Programs

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday: every hump-day, we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios.

In an ideal world, we'd only ever work out with a personal trainer present who will push us to do every last lunge and kettlebell swing—but we're in the real world, where budgets exist. But if you just signed up for a gym membership and have no idea what you can do with anything beyond the cardio machines, investing in a short-term personal training program will teach you not only what to do in the gym, but how to do it efficiently to see results as quickly as possible.

Below, we've highlighted six Manhattan fitness facilities that are known for their personal training options, with pricing options when available. From a women-only gym where you can train alongside a friend to a West Chelsea gym that describes itself as an "urban country club," see which of these training packages will lead you on the way to gymdependence.

Body Space Fitness
All programs at Kelvin Gary's 14th Street training gym start out with a strategy session where you outline your health and fitness goals. Afterwards, you can hop into a personal training regiment with one of their several qualified trainers, or sign up for the facility's signature semi-personal training sessions—you're never working out with more than three others at a time, but you'll still get plenty of individual attention, and save a bit of money. Three months of personal training at one session a week goes for $523, while semi-personal training for the same duration goes for $387.

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BFX Studio
The dual focus at this Chelsea gym is on its diverse classes and its personal training (what it considers the total Boutique Fitness eXperience). Your fitness goals laid out during an initial consultation determine which of their trainers you'll work with on their dedicated personal training floor, and that person will create a customized plan. One-on-one Pilates sessions are also available here. A single 55-minute session goes for $149, while a five-pack of sessions to be used within 30 days is $645 (this package renews monthly).

Underneath the High Line lies this one-room gym that resembles an adult's fitness playground (they call it an "urban country club"), with equipment ranging from rings hanging from the ceiling to a Jacob's Ladder cardio machine. A customized plan from head trainer Larry Twohig maps out thrice-weekly workouts starts at your current fitness level and progressively gets harder as you get stronger, avoiding the dreaded "plateau effect" and ultimately giving you a "skinny strong" physique. Contact the gym for rates.

Nimble Fitness
Aside from a slate of TRX suspension classes, the focus at this gym right outside of Union Square (it has a second location on the way) is on personal training. Come in with a goal in mind—like completing an obstacle course race or getting back in shape after an injury—for your first (complimentary!) session where measurements of strength and flexibility will be taken into consideration when creating a long-term exercise plan. A single hour-long session is $145, and five sessions go for $675; while a single half-hour session is $75, and ten of these are $690.

NY Personal Training
This Flatiron gym doesn't joke around with its training plans, if its name is any suggestion. Clients who are really lost when it comes to getting on track with health and fitness might want to choose one of the multi-week programs that include a comprehensive nutrition plan. If you're just focusing on the gym training, take advantage of their January deal, where 60-minute sessions are $80 and 30-minute sessions are $55. Those who want to buy a package of training sessions but are looking to cut costs can get semi-private training at $400 for eight sessions.

Photo: Uplift Studios

Uplift Studios
The women-only fitness studio offers great personal training programs in addition to its popular group classes. Start off with a 15-minute phone consultation on your fitness abilities and goals to be paired with a trainer who will use resistance training with dumbbells and your own body weight to achieve results. Their introductory package gets you three hour-long sessions plus a group class for $285, and there's also an option to do training with a friend for $85 per person per session.

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