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What Is 'Face Fitness' and Why Does it Have Its Own Pop-Up?

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Photo: <a href="">Skin Gym</a>/Facebook
Photo: Skin Gym/Facebook

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Today, we learned about a horrifying-sounding concept called "face fitness," after which we discovered that it is not, in fact, part of a Portlandia sketch, and that people are actually doing this "face fitness" thing, right here in New York. Enter: Skin Gym, a place that is essentially a workout studio for, yes, your face.

Tribeca Citizen noticed the Skin Gym pop-up at 199 Water Street today, and found that its name should be taken quite literally: "Skin Gym Face Fitness believes face exercise and massage is the best skin care product there is and helps you to achieve beauty from the inside out. The signature face workouts are designed to tighten and firm the muscles of the face, which increase the skin's vitality and leave a more supple radiant finish."

As the website points out, "face fitness" isn't actually all that new, but the concept behind Skin Gym is that regular 15-minute appointments enhance "the skin's natural ability to reenergize and tone." The "workout menu" includes offerings like muscle interval training, hydration mists, reflexology, infrared therapy, electro-muscular stimulation, and more, most of which are around or below $30.

To get a sense of what you'd be undergoing should you make an appointment at the Skin Gym, watch the video below.

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