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Polo Bar Is the Fancy Man-Den We Always Knew It Would Be

But where does it lead? Photos: Daniel Krieger for Eater
But where does it lead? Photos: Daniel Krieger for Eater

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When we heard that Ralph Lauren was opening a restaurant at his new Fifth Avenue Polo flagship store, our hopes were high—like, horse-paintings-everywhere-and-$400-glasses-of-cognac-high. Now that it's officially open to the public, our sister site Eater NY found that Polo Bar is exactly as absurdly fancy as we'd dreamed, except that along with the horse paintings, there's also a shit-ton of polo mallets lining the walls, and the cognac is not $400, but $425.

As for the interior: "Dark and highly varnished wood lines the ceilings, while rich mahogany leather is stretched across banquettes, horse paintings cover the walls, and riding hats hang from hooks in what looks like a very fancy mud room but is more likely the space outside of the restrooms." (See above. That's a bathroom.)

The menu includes a $24 burger, a $55 ribeye, $12 froyo (which, to be fair, is basically how much it costs when we go ham on toppings at 16 Handles), $14 pigs in a blanket, a $125 plate of caviar, and yes, that $425 glass of Remy Martin Louis XIII. See the full menu below, then feel free to return to whatever sad, pre-packaged—or worse, gluten-free—breakfast you're currently eating.


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Ralph Lauren - Rhinelander Mansion

867 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021 Visit Website

Polo Bar

1 East 55th Street, New York, NY 10022