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The New Year's Resolutions of NYC Fashion People

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Just like last year, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on 2014's greatest hits (and misses). On New Year's Day, we're asking everyone their fashion resolution for 2015.

Photo: Driely S. for Racked

Erica Cerulo, Of A Kind: I think that in 2015 I should start wearing heels again. I'm not confident that this will happen, but, well, I'll put it out there.

Kay Lee, Otte: I'm looking forward to wearing lots of lace! It's going to be everywhere, on tops and bottoms, we have cute lace shorts in our Otte collection. I like the bohemian vibe that's coming up, with a touch of fringe on accessories and clothes. I'm always excited for cool leather jackets and patent chelsea boots, ribbed leather leggings will be really popular, too.

Claire Mazur, Of A Kind: Same as last year—fewer, better, more comfortable.

Briana Swords, Swords-Smith: Interesting textures, especially in spring. There've been so many great innovations in fabrics and designers are getting more and more experimental with fabrications. I'm really excited for some of the textured pieces we have coming in for spring '15 in oversized waffles, crinkled tyvek, lightweight quilting, etc.! I think interesting and extreme texture in the springtime is really unexpected.

Jill Lindsey, Jill Lindsey: Wear more form fitting clothes. The trend of oversized, boxy, tent silhouettes are so easy to wear, but I am going to bring the focus back to body shapes and fit.

Eileen Shulock, Kirna Zabete: Elevating from the flats of last season and stepping into some sexy platforms from Dolce and Saint Laurent. Bring back feminine, adult dressing! Wear more hats (literally and figuratively!) like Gigi Burris, Janessa Leone, and Maison Michel.

Caroline Ventura, BRVTVS: Quality over quantity. If I just stop spending money on cheaper stuff trying to replicate the real deal, I could actually buy a few of the real deals.

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