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Gaze Upon the Alexander McQueen Sample Sale Line

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And the Alexander McQueen sample sale is off! Racked reporter Laura Gurfein is on the scene, scoping out the line.

So close, yet so far.

9:02am: Just got to McQueen! There are 37 people in line outside, plus several waiting inside.

9:03am: The first people got here at 11pm last night.

9:10am: The line is divided by stanchions to keep entrances to hotels and garages clear. There are lots of attendants outside monitoring the line.

9:15am: They're slowly moving people up. I guess they're letting them wait inside and maybe getting the bag check process started?

9:16am: Oh we are moving because the doors opened early! They are letting people in very slowly.

9:20am: It's hard to tell how many people are behind me, since the line is sectioned. I'd guess there are still 40 to 50 of us outside.

9:35am: No cell phones allowed.

9:45am: Not much to look through, but impressively priced.

10:00am: Back out again! Now there are about 75 people waiting outside, plus another 25 waiting inside.

10:02am: There's a one-in one-out policy, so it's moving pretty slowly. Plus, when VIP's cut in that holds up the regular line.
Stay tuned for the full report!
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Alexander McQueen Sample Sale

317 West 33rd Street New York, NY 10001