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No One Is At the Hugo Boss Sample Sale, So You Should Be

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Granted, it was lunchtime on a work day when we stopped by the Hugo Boss sample sale at the brand's West Chelsea headquarters, but while it was supremely well-staffed and decently stocked, hardly anyone who didn't already work in the building was there.

A few educated guesses as to why: First, the Hugo Boss offices, located at 601 West 26th Street, are a full four avenue blocks from the nearest subway (the C, E at 23rd Street)—plus, if you don't know where you're headed, getting to the actual sale can be slightly overwhelming. You've got to head up to the eighth floor, and walk a bit of a ways to find the showroom at Suite 845.

The commute is worth it, however—especially if you're a dude looking for some really beautiful suiting ($350), outerwear ($130-$185), dress shirts ($55), trousers ($45), bow ties ($20), sneakers ($50), or even pajama sets ($30).

But the women's section, which started out much smaller than the men's, has already been heavily picked through. There's only seven pairs of shoes ($60) and six bags left ($100-$200).

Blouses ($40), dresses ($150-$200), skirts ($45) and blazers ($100) were rarely available in more than one size, and hardly any of those were larger than a 6 (the most popular was size 4). While there were a couple of cute LBDs, most of the dresses were short-sleeve, work-appropriate, and—quite frankly—slightly boring.

As for restocking, staff says that the only extra samples they have are men's suiting and outerwear—however, the same employee also said there will likely be markdowns, but only "once all the good stuff is gone." (Do with that what you will.)

The best part of the sale, by far, was the pristine quality of the samples, minus the small dirt stains we spotted on one pale pink pencil skirt. Everything looked clean and pressed—hardly a wrinkle in sight. Plus, the staff was friendly and helpful—and that view! Before shopping, be sure to take a peek out the window for a lovely vista of the Hudson. See the Dealfeed below for more sale information.
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