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Where to Dance Like Beyoncé in NYC, in Honor of Her B-Day

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At the VMAs, via Getty Images
At the VMAs, via Getty Images

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday: every hump-day, we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios.

Tomorrow, Beyoncé turns 33. That can either seem incredibly old, considering how freaking fabulous she looks, or incredibly young, considering how much she's accomplished in her life thus far. But no matter what stance you take on her age, there's no denying that she's got moves—and you can get them, too (or you could at least try).

Ahead, check out three places to dance like Queen Bey in New York City. Though it might be a bit late to book a celebratory class—some of these fill up a month in advance—you can file this knowledge under Useful Beyoncé Trivia to be used at a later time.

Broadway Bodies
What: This studio created a more than a stir when it introduced Beyoncé-dedicated classes earlier this year—everyone from the New York Times to Betches Love This raved about the themed workouts. But while the press may have died down on the thrice-weekly classes, you still have grab a spot as soon as the booking window opens to guarantee your place.

Each class revolves around learning a customized routine to a particular song—inspired by, but not mimicking, her videos—and spans the range of her hits. Tonight and next Monday's sold-out classes are dedicated to "Partition," while next's week's is a lesson to "Diva."
Location: Mondays at Pearl Studios, 500 Eighth Ave; Wednesdays at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Ave.
Cost: $20 per class; due to popularity, no cancellations are accepted.

The Vixen Workout
What: When this sexy dance class came to New York from Miami via former Heat dancer Janet Jones, it was immediately dubbed "The Beyoncé Workout." Though these women-only classes aren't as single-tracked—literally—as Broadway Bodies' are, most soundtracks will have a few of her hits thrown in.

Jones also frequently sites the pop star as an inspiration both for herself and her classmates. "Beyoncé is the ultimate vixen but I think every woman has a vixen inside her," she told Reuters earlier this year. Translation: Look at yourself in the mirror, see the "Drunk in Love" video staring back at you.
Location: Most classes take place at Pearl Studios, 500 Eighth Ave, or DANY Studios, 305 W 38th St.
Cost: $18 per class, or $160 for a 10-pack.

The Beyoncé Dance Workshop
What: Perhaps the most dedicated of everything listed here is this twice-weekly class taught by Dennis Williams, who prefers to go by Destiny Devine. It's more than just about working up a booty-popping sweat here—the all-abilities class performs original choreography in a non-competitive environment that encourages each student feel ***flawless.
Location: Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave.
Cost: $15 per class.

*Important: All of these studios can arrange private classes and events.

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