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Here's Why We Think COS Will Open on December 8th

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Images via COS
Images via COS

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Yesterday afternoon, after checking on the Phillip Lim sample sale line (verdict: long as hell), Racked reporter Hannah Eshaghian wandered over to 129 Spring Street to see if there were any signs of life in the storefront that will house C.O.S.—minimalist Scandinavian line of our dreams—this winter. And there were! Hannah chatted up a construction worker who said that construction will be complete by November 24th, and merchandising should take two weeks—leaving us with an opening date of December 8th. Of course, COS has been known to toy with our emotions before, but if they do opt for, say, a 2015 opening, at least we'll be able to drown our sorrows at sister store & Other Stories soon.
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129 Spring Street New York, NY 10012