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The Joy Gryson Sample Sale Is Worth a Trip or Two to Tribeca

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The Joy Gryson sample sale opens to the public at 11am today, but we stopped by the back room of the designer's Tribeca store to check out the goods during the friends and family portion last night. With tons of styles in colors ranging from cobalt blue to muted olive and nothing over $150, this sale is definitely one to hit up if you're looking for a new accessory this fall.

Everything here is marked with a sticker that denotes its price ($50, $75, $100, or $150), and the price generally corresponds to the size and detail of each piece. Click through the gallery above for plenty of examples of what you'll find.

The worst part about this sale is its organization, with a lot of bags left on the ground or piled in heaps on shelves and tables. It's most noticeable in the $50 section, so be prepared to dig if this is what you're looking to spend—or head to the opposite corner of the room, where there were some simple crossbody styles that were only $25 hanging on the wall.

There's a table of damages going for $25 apiece, and their impairments can range from minor scratches to missing hardware. Take a look at each piece carefully before you decide to invest.

Aside from bags, there's accessories like iPad cases and wallets from the IIIBeCa and Olivia Harris lines that are going for $25 and $75, respectively. A plastic bin full of brown and black studded belts are $20, and there were just four pairs of shoes—some from Nanette Lepore—going for $50 (We also found a few Nanette Lepore bags on the center table for the same price).

If you stop by today and strike out, it may be worth checking back later in the sale, as they will be restocking throughout the week—however, we don't know whether there will be further markdowns. The sale is also running online, but when we checked the website this morning, the sales page was down. See the Dealfeed below for more in-person sale information.

Update: As of Tuesday afternoon, the sale has been active online.
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