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The DKNY Sample Sale Will Make You Really, Really Sad

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When we went to type some notes about the DKNY sample sale into our phones, DKNY was autocorrected to "Don't." That's pretty much all you need to know about this sale. Though the merchandise for both men and women is up to 70% off—with most items well under $50—the out-of-season selections and overall poor quality of what's available makes this sale one to skip.

If you do happen to be going to a warmer climate sometime soon, stop in to find dresses for $40, which includes summery styles, a maxi jersey dress in several colors, and things that look like extra-long t-shirts with billowy sleeves (there's a couple work-appropriate styles in the mix as well).

There's four racks of tees and sleeveless tops in here that are all going for $25, but many of them look like styles that just failed in the regular stores—for example, one rack is solely dedicated to a half-length sleeved tee with circle embellishments on the shoulder in yellow, blue, and black. Similarly, you'll find plenty sizes for white denim vest with brass buttons.

The only seasonally-appropriate items for women are the jackets, but at $125, it's not really worth it. Half of the selection is a trench coat and a windbreaker in the same dark gray color.

One of two sections where there could be some success is the denim, which is going for just $25 and comes in a sizes ranging from 0 to 12. Most of what's on the racks are pale-colored pairs intended for warmer weather, but hit the bins to find stonewashed styles that work for fall.

The shoe selection follows suit with the rest of the women's apparel—most of what's available are summer sandals (including a bin full of flip flops) and sneakers. The only boot we found was a tall wedge that looked like a sad Ugg. Also sad: the bag selection, mostly made of totes in tan or hot pink.

The second section that isn't totally terrible is the men's section, which has a decent selection of items to wear now, like blazers for $125, leather jackets for $250 (some hanging on recycled Gant hangers from last week's sale), and denim and pants for $25.

The sale runs through Sunday, and we didn't get word on restocking because we doubt that they'll get anything better. If you do feel like trying your luck, head to the Dealfeed below for complete sale times and dates.
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