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This Is the Dismal State of the iPhone 6 Line at Apple Soho

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On the entire square block surrounding the Apple store in Soho, no one is smiling. The line—which, as of 4:30pm today, is longer than it was last night, at roughly 400 people—wraps all the way around Prince Street, up Greene Street, around West Houston Street, and past Mercer Street.

"This line is moving slower than any line I've seen in my life," says one Apple Store employee.

What's worse, most of the people in line slept here last night, and there's no end in sight: "It was so cold," says one man. "All I had was this jacket. I only slept for one hour."

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The people waiting in line have been sectioned off into three separate lines: To the left, it's all the people who have been waiting in line for, in many cases, an entire day; there's a much shorter line of about a dozen for those who pre-ordered. And shockingly, to the right, there's a line of at least 40 strong for people who are just looking to browse—You guys seriously can't wait one day to fiddle around with an iPad?

Like the Fifth Avenue flagship, there were tons of cops, as well as what appeared to be a rugby-esque scrum near the entrance.

An Apple employee also told us that while usually, the Apple store will close once the final person in line goes home with an iPhone, this time is different: "We may have to cut the line off," he said.

Update: A tipster reports that the line for pre-orders is over 100 people as of 5:45pm. Sheesh.
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