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Following the Altuzarra for Target Launch at Atlantic Terminal

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The Altuzarra for Target collaboration is finally here! Racked NY Associate Editor Rebecca Jennings is on the scene at the Atlantic Terminal store. Read on for her account, and follow along with us on Twitter.

7:35am: We've arrived! There's a line of about 20 people here already.

7:37am: Thankfully, we're allowed to wait inside the mall and not outside, where it is freezing. Hello, fall?

7:38am: There's one girl telling her friends that she already bought everything online and she's just here for fun, and that the red blazer is already sold out (Currently, e-commerce is not available).

7:40am: The first people in line got here at 4am, and the people after that at 5am! Based on the relatively quiet buzz for this collection, I'm surprised.

7:42am: The Target staff is nowhere to be seen right yet. Hope they come soon...

7:43am: Line chatter right now is pretty much dedicated to online—specifically, what's exclusive.

7:45am: And now the online shopper admits that while the collection was posted on the Target site at 3am, she wasn't able to buy anything.

7:47am: People are also going over the return policy—you only have 14 days to return pieces from the collection.

7:48am: Only five people have gotten in line behind me since I got here. So it's a small crowd, sure, but they're definitely dedicated to this collection.

7:51am: Okay, there's at least 30 of us by this point.

7:52am: Sounds like this crowd is just collab-dedicated in general—people are really excited about Alexander Wang for H&M.

7:54am: "This is a lot of people," one girl is saying. "Last time, there were, like, 10."

7:55am: Collab-happy indeed—some are talking about hitting up other Targets after this one to check out what's there.

7:56am: People seem to be getting restless as the magic hour approaches, and the crowd is getting bigger, too—there's about 40 people now.

7:58am: Signs of life! The elevators just got turned on. Security has made an appearance, and you can hear their walkie talkies buzzing.

7:59am: This security guard looks way too lax for this crowd. "I'm going to move very expeditiously," says one girl. "Of course people are going to run," says another.

8:00am: The Target sign is lit, and ... now the doors are open! Yup, people are definitely running.

8:02am: Staff is saying there's a limit of two of each piece per person.

8:03am: The black trench coat is flying off the shelves. No one's going for that red blazer, though...

8:04am: The black pencil skirt is only available in small and large here. Nobody seems to be going for the dresses right now.

8:05am: Bad news for black trench lovers—staff won't say when they'll be restocking.

8:06am: Despite the initial lunge for the racks, this crowd is actually quite civilized while shopping. And so far, nothing's out of stock.

8:07am: In fact, there's tons of merchandise here.

8:09am: Most of the crowd has made its way to the fitting rooms now, so it's eerily calm here—except that someone just knocked over a shoe shelf.

8:11am: Our first sellout of the day? Staff says all the belts are gone.

8:12am: And now staff is saying that there definitely won't be any restocking at this location.

8:13am: "Not bad today," one staff member just said. "I was expecting much worse."

8:14am: Stock update—shoes seem to be popular, but there's a lot of pairs on that re-straightened shelf now. The black trench coat is completely off the shelves, but now people are trading it among each other.

8:15am: Someone just started changing out on the sales floor. Um, this is not a sample sale?

8:16am: A bunch of the furry jackets are still on the racks, and these look really cute in person. There's a lot of velvet blazers, too.

8:18am: Staff notes that the accessories are going first. The crane dress and sweater are totally out of stock now.

8:21am: There's a couple people who have come in since the doors opened, but nothing crazy. It's still pretty civilized here.

8:23am: Well, that was fast—there's basically no one shopping in this section now. All the early birds are done.

8:25am: Okay, here's what's left (there's a lot): Tons of blazers and boots in all sizes. Nobody really touched any of the sleep sets, and that cozy-looking faux-fur coat is still on the racks, too. And while there's a lot of the snakeskin pencil skirt, there's only about 10 of the black pencil skirt left.

8:27am You're in luck if you want any of the tops (especially this sleeveless bow blouse), or the black dress with lace detail. There's only a dozen of the purple satin dress left.

8:30am: Size-wise, there seems to be a pretty even distribution with what's on the racks.

8:32am: The initial crowd has already hit the registers, so I'm going to wrap up here. Even though there's a bunch on the racks, I'd say coming by sooner than later is best if you're looking for specific pieces, due to the lack of restocking [Ed note: It looks like everything is still available online, and the site is operating normally.]
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Target Atlantic Terminal

139 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217 718-290-1109 Visit Website

Target Atlantic Terminal

139 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217