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Saks Workers Stole Customer Credit Cards to Buy Luxury Goods

Photo by Brian Harkin for Racked
Photo by Brian Harkin for Racked

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Six employees of Saks Fifth Avenue's midtown flagship were charged with grand larceny and identity theft last Friday after charging at least $400,000 of luxury goods to customers' stolen credit cards, the Post reports.

In a rather Bling Ring–esque plot, "ringleader" Tamara Williams swiped the credit card numbers from 22 Saks shoppers back in May and passed the information to five other employees, who, in June, purchased designer items from a list she provided. Afterwards, Williams hired a third group of "fake shoppers" to deliver the bags of stolen goods to her in Queens.

The credit cards were even used to make a few returns, Gothamist reports, and that money was credited back to the customers. Surveillance footage of the store also showed that no one was present during those return transactions, and instead, the sales associate simply typed the numbers into the system.

A police raid of Williams' home in Queens last Friday revealed "over one hundred boxes of shoes", as well as other Saks merchandise. No word on whether Williams was planning to share with her cohorts.
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