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Where to (Try to) Get the Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag in NYC

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Bag via <a href="">Mansur Gavriel</a>; Store photos, clockwise from L: <a href="">Driely S.</a> for Racked; Brian Harkin; Brian Harkin; <a href="http://williamchanphoto.c
Bag via Mansur Gavriel; Store photos, clockwise from L: Driely S. for Racked; Brian Harkin; Brian Harkin;

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There's no question as to the past year's oh-my-god-I-need-this-right-now accessory: Mansur Gavriel's gorgeous, utilitarian, Italian leather bucket bag, and its mini counterpart, both of which have been flying off shelves since last summer.

Well, the fervor still hasn't quite died down—if anything, it's grown—and it's still just as difficult (read: pretty much impossible) to find them in stores. That's why we've rounded up every shop in New York City where you can (hopefully!) strike gold. Below, all the info on how and when you can expect to hold one of your very own, or at the very least, try:

Bird: If you hurry, you won't have to wait long to snag a bag from Bird, which is expecting a shipment within the next week. Once they've gone through their wait list, the bag will be available on shelves. However, if you're looking to purchase more than one, be aware you'll have to wait until everyone on the wait list has received one first. Fair's fair.

No. 6: While the pre-orders for their September shipment have sold out, there are still a few bags available in November if you're quick to get on the wait list. If you're looking for a specific color or style, No. 6 is allowing customers to pre-order any bag from the collection, and they'll add it to their shipment in February.

Bergdorf Goodman: The wait list is wide open at the department store, and a shipment is expected this month, but no word on restocking afterwards. You're also free to reserve as many as you like.

Kirna Zabete: The Soho boutique's "wait lists have wait lists," according to a rep, but they've got a two shipments coming in this fall: a smaller delivery this month and a larger one in November, with about several dozen bags in total. However, Kirna Zabete also has a few bucket bags in-store being saved up for a sweepstakes, so be on the lookout for an announcement.

Barneys New York: Feel free to add your name to the wait list at the flagship store—and order as many as you please—but do know that you likely won't see them until February or March, when the next shipment arrives.

Theory: There wasn't a wait list for the bucket bags the last time they arrived on shelves, and there won't be when the new shipment comes in a few weeks. Once they do, you can purchase more than one.

Steven Alan: The mini-chain is expecting a delivery within the next couple of days, but there are only a few styles that haven't already been claimed. Your best bet is to wait and pre-order your bag in the weeks before the store receives their November shipment.

Zoe: You can shop Mansur Gavriel's tote in burgundy at Zoe's Dumbo shop right now, but for a bucket bag, you'll need to wait until March. Add your name to the wait list, which includes orders for bucket bags and the adorable backpack, as soon as possible.

Pas de Deux: Hurry hurry! The boutique is still accepting names for the wait list for the September shipment, which will include about 30 bags, but it'll be the last delivery this fall.

Creatures of Comfort: The store is expecting two deliveries, one in October and another in November, and their wait list is currently open to both.

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