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A 3D Printed Earbud Shop Exists Now

Images via Normal
Images via Normal

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Customized earbuds aren't exactly a new concept—but getting your own pair used to mean having a doctor squirt silicone in your ear, and then ponying up $500 to $2,000. That is, until Nikki Kaufman of Quirky, a New York-based inventions incubator, gave the idea a 3D-printed twist with Normal.

The e-tailer previously relied on user-submitted ear selfies to deliver made-to-fit headphones, but their new, lab-like Chelsea brick and mortar location makes the process a bit more interactive (and faster). Sales associates snap a few photos of your ears (while you hold quarters next to them, for scale), have you choose the color of your buds, and feed all the data into a 3D printer.

Normal's 3D printers

Depending on how early you get there, you could take home your $199 headphones that same day. Or, if you're really organized, download the app, submit some ear snaps, and pick up your Normals on your way home from work so that you can enjoy your evening workout sans earbud-adjusting.

Normal earbuds

· Normal [Official Site]


150 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011 888-563-6765


150 W 22nd St New York, NY 10011