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Channel Your Inner Surfer at This Brooklyn Beach Shop

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If you book it to Long Beach to catch some waves before work whenever the forecast is sunny, then you probably already know about Pilgrim Surf + Supply — the surf outfitter with outposts in Brooklyn and Amagansett. And if you're more of a "I'll sit right here with my umbrella and my magazines, thanks" kind of beach-goer, then you'll still want to check out the plant-and-art-book-filled shop — thanks to its array of bathing suits, coverups, and bonfire-ready unisex jackets.

We stopped by Pilgrim's Williamsburg shop to chat with the staff about the ultimate beginner's board, just how stretchy a wetsuit should be, and the comfiest post-surf wear. See some of our favorite pieces in the store.

Pilgrim Surf + Supply

68 N 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 218-7456 Visit Website