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This Brooklyn Market Isn't Crazy-Expensive, Plus...Child Vendors

Photo via Bushwick Vendor's Market
Photo via Bushwick Vendor's Market

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Meander into any flea market in North Brooklyn (and there sure are a lot of them these days), and you'll likely notice a few things. First, there should be a limit to how many beautiful people can be in one place at one time. And second: Oh my god, this pillow is $400.

Not so with the new Bushwick Vendors Market, a one-time event (with hopefully more to come) at performance venue the Silent Barn on Sunday, August 31 from 11am to 7pm, where organizer Jaz Colon hopes to create an alternative to the prohibitively pricey pillows of the world. The market, which will ideally feature at least 20 vendors selling exclusively handmade or vintage goods, also comes with a twist, as things tend to do in Bushwick: You can buy stuff from kids. As in, actual children, who will get a discounted rate of $10 per table, down from the usual $50. (Reminder: You are old.)

As for adult vendors, so far Colon has secured Palomino, an African and Native American–inspired line by Williamsburg jeweler Katie Fuller that uses lots of beads and leather fringe, as well as illustrator Justine Wong (JCorp), who will sell street art–style bags and notebooks branded with her signature Clownface character.

Proceeds benefit the Silent Barn, plus Educated Little Monsters, Colon's dance and arts organization for kids. And if you weren't already down with the whole supporting-the-community thing, according to the flyer, there'll also be cupcakes.—Rebecca Jennings
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Bushwick Vendors Market

603 Bushwick Ave, New York, NY 11206